Please help identify these bags:

  1. Chanel lovers, please identify the name and sizes of these bags, thank you :wlae:

    Are the 1st and 3rd the same size, the 1st seems to look bigger, may I know the size of that please anyone?
    22606-pictures-of-you-with-your-chanel-chanel-007.jpg P1000361.jpg 42589-pictures-of-you-with-your-chanel-tan-cc-large.jpg
  2. #2 looks like either the small or grand Shopping Tote.
    I can't see the other 2 well enough? I can't get the last photo to enlarge.
    Vintage Ligne Flap{?}
  3. Thank you for the reply Swanky Mama of Three, please help me with the size, is pic #1 the same size as pic#3? In another thread both owners of these bags say their bags are both medium but in the pics the sizes seem to be different.
  4. Can't tell :sad:
    They could be, but then again, the girls could be different sizes themselves - altering the proprtion.