Please help identify sunnies from The Ugly Truth

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  1. I have been looking for a picture of these since I saw the movie. It's not a great pic, but something is better than nothing. Can anyone identify the sunnies Katherine Heigl is wearing?
    :yahoo:So happy I finally found a pic.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

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  2. :bump:
  3. Anyone...Bump!
  4. Bump!
    I know it isn't a great pic, but I figured someone that has seen the movie could help. :cool:
    How weird.
  6. ^^ any idea what the sunglasses are??? :biggrin:
  7. bumppppppppp
  8. So sad no one know anything about these sunglasses. :sad:
  9. It's really hard to tell from the photo. They might be Dolce and Gabbana, given the shape. If you find a better photo, let me know and I'l take a look
  10. Thanks BB. I keep looking for a better pic but can't seem to find anything. I will keep looking.
  11. I think they may be rounded raybans - but thats just a guess will try and find a link!
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