Please help identify Fendi Spy

  1. I tried doing a search and came up empty. :confused1:

    This is from bluefly. Thanks!

  2. There is a thread of Saich 's called from Russia with love. I am sure it is in there.

    Let me try and find the thread if not you can search through Saichs post and find it I am sure
  3. Oops, thanks secret, looks like we were posting at the same time. It looks even better in her photos! I'm going crazy looking at the beautiful leathers on all of these spy bags! Why hadn't I hit this forum earlier? :nuts:
  4. Tay

    You are prob lucky you didn't hit it earlier! Some days I wish I hadn't hit at all (well at least my bank manager thinks that! hee hee)

    It's a gorgeous Spy, really it is. Do you think you will go for it?

    Just one word of caution if you like. Bluefly has a really mixed reputation with people receiving fakes so just be careful how you go, would hate for you to be landed with a fake.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on
  5. Thanks! It's not available, but if it comes back, I hope someone gets it! Looks like missedyou114 might be good for 15% off, too.

    I think I'll hit Rodeo Drive today and play with some leathers. :smile: Thanks for your help - I love this forum!
  6. It looks cheap to me. I wouldn't be caught dead carrying it. The Spy itself is already a fashion statement. Please stop doing/putting anything else on to it.

    Putting more "craps" like that on the bag is like a person who puts too much make up on and/or someone who is over accessorized. It loses its true beauty.
  7. I have to say this spy is stunning IRL, I as a rule do not like a lot of the things they put on spy bags but this one is beautiful. I have tried it on and it is such an out of this world bag but it does retail for £3,400 about $6,400.
    Their is so much work gone into this bag the little "clam" shapes are made out of about 12 different colour leathers very clever in design
  8. Wow, Saich, that is so cool!! I had no idea the clam shapes were made of leather. I thought it was cotton or some kind of super-durable string. But leather? :rolleyes: I'm looking at this bag with a new appreciation. Wish I could see it IRL!
  9. yes, I also saw this bag in the Fendi store in Paris last week. The main part of the bag is the same color as the blueberry leather, and the "clamshells" are leather that is sortof gathered where it tucks in. The edges of the colored leather peices have been cut with a zigzag like pinking shears.

    I also generally do not care for the more embellished bags, but I think this one is really lovely and fun for summer!

    PS-I bet bluefly really still does have it, and they have just temporarily removed it because they are having an extra 10% off day today. They did this with most of the spies. I'd bet big bucks they all magically reappear tomorrow!
  10. :lol: :lol:
  11. I have not seen it in IRL and I didn't know that the shells are actually made of leather!?
  12. I was looking at this again today in London it is such a lovely bag and the new blue Fendi shoes go lovely with it so tempted
  13. Litigatrix, they have magically reappeared just as you predicted!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. Voila! Don't look behind the curtain!