Please Help Identify a Bag

  1. I feel ridiculous, as I have so little information. But I was in a Macy's the other day and saw some bags and I don't remember the name on them anymore. I wanted to check online to see if they had a better selection.

    The bags were in the section with the lower-end designer bags - Brahmin, Cole Haan, Dooney, MK, etc. I could have sworn the tags said "Machowsky". It seems a VERY un-designer like name! But I get nothing when I search for it so I must have been wrong.

    They had cute swingpacks in a color called "gunmetal" for $128, so they were fairly inexpensive. Some of their other bags were hideous. The Antique Silver had gold hardware and was rubbed so it looked like gold was showing through. But the gunmetal was the perfect metallic and I wanted to search for another style.

    Does anyone know the bags I am talking about?
  2. I think the brand is B. Makowsky?
  3. I saw those in Dillards the other day, and was completely thrown off by the name. There were some cute ones, but I wasn't really looking at bags as I was in with a friend who was looking at shoes. Looks like they are fairly new, as the website isn't even operational yet..

    edit: it says his wife is Kathy Van Zeeland, who also has a line of low-end designer purses(which I find kind of hideous, but my friend loved..).
  4. Egads! He/they are related to KVZ?! No wonder quite a few of them were, uh, a bit flamboyant for my taste! But thank you for identifying it! The swingpacks were larger than most and had almost no decoration on them - very utilitarian. I was hoping to find the rest of the line to be similar, though that seems unlikely!
  5. Yes, that's B. Makowsky and yes, he's KVZ's spouse. His line has been around close to a year. His website is being re-vamped; it was operational until recently. I have one of his bags and get a lot of compliments on it. It's good quality at a reasonable price.