Please help ID- white/leopard/gold ?LV?

  1. Ladies,

    I was at a restaurant last week and I caught a glimpse of a purse through the crowds. It was white with a gold chain handle and a set of gold charms attached to it. There was a bit of leopard print on the top, but mostly the bag was white. Yes, it was pretty flashy, certainly attention grabbing. Definitely designer.

    I *thought* I saw a lock so I have been looking through LV pictures but nothing is a match. The closest I can find to shape/size is this one

    View attachment 130144

    But it doesn't look very similar to what I am describing. That is about right for the size and shape, though. Maybe it wasn't LV ... This has been making me nuts. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful!

  2. trying again with attachment