PLEASE HELP ID Vanessa Hudgen's Wallet!!!

  1. Hi all,

    I'm in love with this studded wallet Vanessa has been seen carrying around lately...wondering if anyone can help with the brand? I want to buy it, but have no idea who makes it, and I can't make out the brand in the pics, but I thought someone may recognize the silver plate on the back, which probably has the brand name on it. Any help at all would be much appreciated!:yes: Here are some pics:
  2. The red one?? is a LV key holder I think.
  3. oh no, i'm sorry i'm looking for the beige colored one, not the red LV keyholder
  4. its the Balenciaga CLOUS wallet in beige. Retails for approx $525-575, call Balenciaga NYC.
  5. Does she have nail art or her nails are just gross? She looks well put together with the clothes and designer duds-- but please! She needs to have her nails groomed-- at least keep them clean. It's disgusting!
  6. ^LMFAO! I agree! Her nails are looking mighty gnarly!
  7. WOW. I was too goo-goo eyed at that wallet to even notice her nails. But yeah, she needs to touch those up lol