Please help ID this red patent leather flap

  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone have any info on the red patent leather flap in this picture, such as the ligne it's from, the price, if it' still available? With the search disabled, this was the only pic I could find of it in the reference library.

    Anyone seen it IRL of have any thoughts on it in general?

    Thanks so much!
  2. If nobody knows what it's called, can anybody at least tell me how well Chanel's distressed patent holds up? I think that's what this is made of- it has some grain to it. Will it pick up color transfer easily? Is it a simply wipe down with a cloth to clean? Thanks so much!
  3. I almost purchased this from Saks. I can't remember any details though, except it was a very bright red and also came in black & it was distressed, as you mentioned. I loved it. If I remember the name, I'll post it.
  4. Thanks for the info Aprilvalentine! So did you like it? Why didn't you wind up getting it?
  5. I remember seeing this as one of the sale bags at my Saks. It was rather slim, more of a pochette sized bag.
  6. Well, it was too small for everyday use, I already had 3 red Chanel's, and I think the price put me off also. I don't think it was crazy expensive, but more then I wanted to spend for a bag I might use only a few times a year. It was very cute though. If I could have gotten it on sale, I definately would have purchased it.
  7. Yeah, I'm figuring it's more for going out- definitely not a day bag. My wallet couldn't even fit in it! But I am looking for a dressy bag and don't have any red bags. Do you recall what its price was and what it was marked down to? Thanks so much for the help Aprilvalentine and Oahctrec!
  8. Well, one is on its way to me right now :yahoo: so I'll post modelling pics when I get it. I'm planning on wearing it with a semi-formal black dress- any thoughts on color transfer. I'm color phobic with regular patent in anything other than black, but part of me thinks the distressed patent will not only be more scratch resistant, but also resist color transfer. Is that correct?
  9. Yeah!!! So happy for you. :yahoo: Did you get it on sale?
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  11. Thanks Mon! I just found out it's part of the Metal Retro Ligne and the Chanel rep said the crushed patent wouldn't pick up color transfer...I hope she knows what she's talking about because she also added that if for some reason color did transfer, they would remove it for me, which I didn't think was possible.

    I took some modeling pics with it and will post them as soon as my daughter takes a nap (soon hopefully!). Thanks everyone for the help!
  12. Here are the pics! The color is a true candy apple red, like in the fourth picture, but it can look deeper depending on the light. The patent leather is not smooth, but textured kind of like the texture on some refrigerators (KWIM?).
    new pictures 033.jpg new pictures 034.jpg new pictures 035.jpg new pictures 036.jpg new pictures 037.jpg
  13. It's beautiful! Kind of wishing I'd have gotten it now. Congrats!