Please Help ID this purse...

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  1. does any one know what this model is called and what year it came out?

    the metal part is rose gold...

    is this a nay or yay purse?

    Thanks in Advance!

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  2. Hi.. Im Maurice. Im a Personal Shopper for Saks Fifth Avenue. The bag is at least a view seasons old.. I really do not want to lift your hopes up... but I will be almost impossible to purchase this bag.... Sorry ... I am just being honest....
  3. hm...the bag is basically mine, I don't have to look for it, my SA has it for me -- it is a return but in great condition so I was told...but she doesnt know the style name either...

    so I want to find out more about this style...

    EDIT: in rsp to personalshopper
  4. It's the Cloudy Bundle E/W tote! It's gorgeous! :love: I'd love to find this exact bag in gray! But I think it was from 2006? Anyway, my early congrats if you do snag it!
  5. Love the Cloudy Bundle Ligne, so yay!
  6. hi! can anyone identify this vintage chanel? i saw an old picture of princess diana with this bag.
  7. :ty: so much for helping me ID the purse :flowers:
    I told my SA to hold it for me so I can go for a close and personal look....
    might be bringing another one home :rolleyes:
  8. thats cute! i would be so versatile as well.
  9. This is a CB tote in e/w. I was search it high and low, still no luck.
    You are so lucky, that's a HOT bag, love it.