Please help ID this bag...

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  1. I saw a girl with this bag the other day except it was all black with white CC's, then I saw this on eBay but I've never seen this bag before on this site, and I couldn't find it in the reference library. Does anyone know what this bag is called? Thanks. :smile:
  2. That bag is fake. I have never seen that style Chanel and the hangtags on that bag are all wrong.
  3. super fake.
  4. I've never seen it either so I don't know if it's a real Chanel design. I figured this one was a fake though. :p Does anyone know what, if any, the name of the bag is? Or if it's for sure not a real Chanel design?
  5. its a replica of the Cambon line.
  6. I thought it might be from the Cambon...Do you know if it's actually a replicated design? I've never seen this particular bag in that line of bags.
  7. To my knowlege, Chanel never made that particular style at all.
  8. Thanks! I thought so too...
  9. Cambon doesn't have anything that fits that description.
    Cambon is tradmarked by the CC's wrapping around the side of it.
    The bag you posted is not by Chanel.
  10. omg sooooooooooo many people around here carrying that total fake...................the fakes are getting disgustingly creative...i saw a big black tote the other day with little Chanel charms all over it (trying to imitate the pricey gorgeous evening bag that's in the neighborhood of $5,000) as well as a cluster of silver CC charms in the front of the bag............then i see a girl with what i thought was the black baby Cabas, when she turned around it had a big white CC on the front......................its just unbelievable...........:graucho:
  11. Horrible!
  12. ^^yeah, here too thanks to the 'purse parties':rolleyes: