Please help ID these comfy looking boots!!

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  1. I need some *cute* comfy boots to go on a hiking date (lol) hence the need for them to be cute!! these look perfect! but does anyone know where i can buy it or the brand?????

    TIA :smile:

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  2. anyone have any idea??
  3. ahh my date is in less than a week..i know there's gotta be someone who's seen these boots before?? i'm desperate! LOL :smile:
  4. it's really hard to see them in the photo. to me they look like Timberlands or some similar classic hiking boot.
  5. thank you courty! i thought they were timberlands too but i checked on the website and i couldn't find any of that color :sad: There must be another brand out there that has boots this color!!

    thanks again :smile: