please help ID these burberry shoes!!

  1. Hi! i just bought 2 pairs of burberry shoes (not from a reseller so they are definitely authentic) just that they didn't come with a box and the tags had fallen off but i bought them anyway.

    i need help putting a name to the face (or ... shoe... ) !!!

    any burberry experts out there know what the name of these shoes are and which season they came out and how much they went for retail ?? PLZ PLZ PLZ it would mean so much to me! THANKS!!!


  2. Wish I could help you but they are gorgeous! Congrats on your buys.
  3. Congratulations they are beautiful.
  4. omg they're sooo pretty! cant help with identifying though, sorry
  5. can't help identify then either, but omg they're so cute!!! are you close enough to a boutique?
  6. yeah i went to the soho burberry but they were very unhelpful =\