Please Help ID Miranda Kerr's Outfits!

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  1. heyy guys, can anyone (pleasee) ID this bag? :smile: :amuse:
    thanks a ton

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    That's one I know!

    It's Prada--the saffiano + tessuto bag (the tessuto is nylon--the sides of the bag are nylon). carries it.

    Here's Sienna Miller with it

  3. OMG
    You are AMAZING!
    thank you so so SOO muchhh :heart:
  4. Heyy everyoneee

    I was just wondering if anyone could possibly ID M Kerr's shoessss... {pleasee}:amuse:

    She's wearing that leather jacket again, could we get an ID on that as well..?? :amuse:

    Thanks in advanceeeeee


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  5. Hi! They look like they might be the YSL Modern Times boots, which are from the Fall-Winter 2006 collection.
  6. Oooh, they're lovely!
    thank you soo much!

    do you know where i could possibly find a pair like them..?? :thinking:

    take careee
  7. Hi! You're welcome. I have no idea where to get them but your best bet would probably be on ebay. Good luck!
  8. Hey!
    Hope everyone's doing well!!

    I am absolutely in LOVE with these outfitss!
    Pleaseeee Help me ID the itemsss :heart:

    For the Colorful outfit-
    Skirt -?
    Shoes-? Maybe Prada..??
    Purse- Prada, but which one exactly...?

    Black Dress- Stunnning! -?

    Oooh && Sunglasses... I feel like they could be numerous things! Oliver Peoples, Prada... Chloe.... No idea!


    Thank Youuuu

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  9. Hey!

    Hope everyone's doing well!

    I need some help IDing Miranda's Skirt & Belt, Pleasee :heart:

    Thank Youuuu

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  10. This should probably be in the shopping section of the forum. Also I noticed you posted 2 threads about this. I'd stick to just one in the right section then someone would be able to help you.

    But hope someone can help you. I'm not big on outfits or clothing sorry :smile:
  11. Hi!

    We actually have a whole forum just for celebrity style called CELEBRITY BAGS & STYLE FORUM. :yes:
    I'll move this now.

    Also, please never start the same topic twice, we don't allow duplicates.

  12. Sorry! :shame: :blush:
    I hadn't known about the rule... I was going to put them both in one post... :yes: It's just that I couldn't attach more than 5 pics.. :shame::angel: hehe
    :ty: bothhh & sorry again!
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    Can anyone id the bag featured in this photo?

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  14. the bag is vintage and the red floral skirt is isabel marant fall 09
  15. thank youuu Shalu! :heart: