Please help ID Hilary Duff grey scarf

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  1. does anyone know the designer? even though its summer, i can't seem to get this gorgeous scarf out of my head :P

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  2. yes xlana its been a tough one to id...hoping someone might be able to help

    please close post if needed apologies for the repeated thread
  3. Cute scarf; wish I could help... she tends to wear a lot of cute things :smile:
  4. #5 Jul 5, 2009
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    Can you tell me where or when this photo of her was taken?? I might be able to hunt the scarf down.

    Edit: Nevermind, I hunted the photo down on DressLikeDuff... they IDed some of the other stuff she's wearing exactly in the picture, but unfortunately the scarf remains a mystery.. they could only offer one that sort of resembles it.

    Here's what I was looking at:

    Her rainboots are ADORABLE; wish they'd been able to ID her shirt exactly... love the sleeves.
  5. good try courtney :tup:
    I wish they would've ID the scarf as well, it is tooo cute

  6. Here you are ;)
  7. bumping the thread to see if anyone can id the scarf..still on hunt :graucho:
  8. #9 Jul 20, 2010
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    After one year I think finally found a similar scarf!! I happened to come across it by accident, and the second I saw it I immediately saw that it looked like the grey scarf Hilary Duff wore!! The pattern is just slightly different, but it's really really similar!! Nobody has to this day IDed it, and I haven't seen a scarf similar to it until now, so I just I'd share!

    It's by Diesel and it's called the "Daantje Scarf"! It's on sale for only $18 at SSENSE right now! If you enter the code MIDSUMMER it brings it down to $15!! But you have to pay $15 shipping if you live in the US so it brings the total to about $30. Still worth it for a gorgeous scarf, and needless to say I did pull the trigger on it! Hurry ladies!!