Please Help ID Bag

  1. i'm not quite sure of the name...
    i think it's something like "drawstring bag", and i believe it was out in 01 or 02...
    i've never seen one in that color's very pretty...
    i'm sure there are some other bbag experts out there that can help id it...
  2. It almost looks like the 02 Belted Leather Hobo on right now. The only difference is that the one on RDC has one strap only. Hope others can come in here and tell you exactly what it is! Good luck!
  3. wow, it's so cute :heart:

    sorry I don't have any info for you tho :sad:
  4. bump
  5. Very interesting...if it's real, it's a hybrid of the following two bags:

    [S/S '02 Black Drawstring Tote]

    [S/S '02 Black Flat Brass Hobo]