Please help ID a beauty!

  1. I just saw a gorgeous Spring '07 bag at Bergdorf's and when I asked the salesman the name of the bag, he asked me what I'd like it be called..... (ugh)

    He did write down the particulars: Quilted Tote, Style 024OAT (oat is the color), SKU 76941203; $995. It's an open top with pull closure; typical MJ latch is just decorative on the front. It's gorgeous, and was wondering if you knew it's name? Thanks!!!
  2. He really asked what you want it to be called? Wow. glad you found the bag. This forum is great! Welcome!
  3. WOW that is some line for a bag...

    Welcome to TPF!! it's a great place to share and learn!! we have superb experts and ppl here!!!
  4. I love that bag!! :love: Glad you found the info you needed!