Please help - I want a true classic!!

Which bag should I get as I want a Classic?

  • Balenciaga First

  • Balenciaga City

  • Bottega Veneta

  • Louis Vuitton

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May 7, 2007
I am going to be making my last purchase for a long time nearer the end of the year - but I really want to get a classic.

I am swaying towards Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton or Bottega Veneta at the moment (although the BV are SOOO expensive, I didn't realise how much they were!).

My current favourites are:-

BBag -
First in Black,
City or Mini Bowling in Grenat, Marron or nearest colours to those.

Bottega Veneta -
Medium Veneta in Black

Louis Vuitton -
Need suggestions - prefer Classic Monogram (already have Ellipse PM, Speedy 30 and Vavin PM).

What do you think I should spend my money on?


Mar 23, 2007
I voted for the Balenciaga City. I think it is a great size, and I love the bbags... so the first would be my second choice.

The BV would be a good option as well, imo. I like their bags, but as you said they are pricier.

Asfor the LV, I'm not a huge fan, so it comes in last. Also, were it me, since you already have 3 of the classic monogram, I;d want something different if it were going to be my last for a while. Going soley based on pics since I don't have one, what about the Beverly MM or the Alma?

Good luck!


Bonne vivante
Oct 24, 2005
BV. One thing I've found is that "classic" often means simple design and quality materials and workmanship. I love Bbags as much as the next gal, but I think the BV is a bag that would still look good 20 years from now.

Miss Sooky

Oct 22, 2006
Definitely BV on the grounds it will complement what you already have, appears to be a terrific brand for holding its value and will last and last even if you go off monograms etc. Let us know what you decide!


Mar 14, 2007
Hi Ali! I voted for a BV as well. I may be biased though b/c I just purchased my first BV from Ms Beryln herself via ebay. I am awaiting a magenta medium BV :yahoo:

I love my B Bags but since you already own a few, why not jump into the BV world? You can get a great BV for below retail if you search.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!!!


Apr 7, 2007
Absolutely BV. I just purchased a med. Veneta and I think it is amazing. I was looking for a good quality classic bag and in searching through tPF, it really seemed like BV had all the qualities I was looking for. I bought it (retail...but do shop around, if you have patience you can find a great price) and haven't looked back!