Please help!!! I think I made the wrong choice!

  1. This afternoon, I decided to go shopping while my boyfriend was at home watching football. I really wasn't expecting to buy anything....

    I got to Neiman's and was immediately drawn to the new Balenciagas with the GIANT hardware. They are really striking in person. I ended up deciding between the Marine Brief and Truffle City bag. Literally, I ended up putting them on hold to walk around the mall because I couldn't decide. When I came back, I spent about an hour deliberating (the SA was super nice and patient with me). I ended up choosing the Marine Brief...BUT, I'm still feeling a bit indecisive.

    I decided not to buy anything black because I have a black first and mini bowling. I also have a lot of black purses, a few red and brown. I thought that the Marine would be a nice addition, but I am really worried about the versatility of the bag. I wear a lot of blacks and grey in the winter, and lots of browns and blues in the summer.

    Plus, the Brief is really only a tote (I can wear it on my shoulder when I'm not wearing a heavy jacket) whereas the City can be worn on the sboulder with the strap.

    I always get wishy-washy when I spend so much money on something. Please let me know what you guys think.

    Should I keep the Marine Brief or get the Truffle City? Please help me.
    Picture 206.jpg Picture 207.jpg Picture 208.jpg Picture 209.jpg
  2. It's GORGEOUS! I just saw the giant hardware for the first time in person today and the brief is really stunning with it. I love the color of yours. :love:

    Congratulations! IMO it's more special than a truffle city. I vote for keeping it.
  3. wow I think that color is beautiful... I know I'm in the minority on this, but the gold hardware looks really nice with the marine.
  4. I'd go for the Trufle City...
    but I'm biased because I can't get used to the Giant HW...
    But different people...different taste :smile:
  5. The giant hardware isn't for me, but I can admit to it looking stunning.
    Personally, I think truffle looks better with the gold - the metal just brightens it up and really brings out the warmer tones. The city is more practical, but the brief is new and fresher to the eye, especially with the Giant... so I would say go for something in Truffle, either a city or a brief.
  6. This bag rendered me speechless. I'd stick with this one!
  7. Great bag SuLi! I love the Marine, and since you already have a first, this might be a nice alternative to a city!
  8. im not into giant hardaware AT ALL but i must say this bag looks fantastic :wlae: ! And the colour is fabulous so maybe its worth keeping...u can always get another city later ... :yes:
  9. I agree wholeheartedly, and I'm not a fan of the giant hardware. Marire is so much prettier IMO. Probably Truffle is more versatile, but this bag is just stunning. :drool:
  10. I think it's gorgeous and the giant HW looks stunning with the color ... I'd keep it!:girlsigh:
  11. It really is a beautiful bag but I tend to not use my bags much if I can't put them on my shoulder comfortably and I don't mean right up under my arm. I'm very fussy about that and the bags that I own that fit that descrition, sit in my closet 99% of the time. What about a Cafe City? That color is gorgeous and a little more saturated than truffle. I think BNY may be getting them in this week in the City and Hobo with regular hardware.
  12. That's a stunning bag!!!! keep it, keep it, keep it! It defies description. it's so amazing.
  13. I am also not the GH type even if hubby really likes it but I agree the truffe looks better with gold. Actually the nicest one with GH would be the chocolate day I saw it IRL and really thought it's big enough to carry off the GH, the city kind of looks too small in proportion to the size of the hardware sorry if this isn't much help just mho.
  14. Holy..that bag is GORGEOUS! :graucho: :graucho: :graucho: It looks so good with the giant hardwares.........keep it! :heart: :heart:
  15. I wear a lot of blacks & brown, too. Matter of fact, that's all the colors I have for my line of work! I think the Marine w/ GH is just gorgeous ( hey, I have the same one,too:p ) and it is a versatile color IMO. But if you want something that can be fit under your arm, then exchange for a City or Day. Otherwise, keep it :love: