Please HELP!!! I received my '07 Legacy and...

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  1. the handles are split by the o-rings!!! This was not stated in the auction:

    I have been stalking this bag for months. I have always wanted the clay color and it seems very hard to find. I also got it for a great price.

    What should I do? Ask for a partial refund? Will Coach repair this if I send it in? How much will it cost to repair? I've never had to send a bag in before. I really don't want to send it back to the seller because I have been wanting it for so long!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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  2. I does look worn but it looked welll loved in the pics... You could get a refund but this is a hard to get bag
  3. I knew about the ink, but that didn't bother me since it's inside. And I know these bags are prone to scratches because of the leather. But the handles I had no idea about.
  4. I would ask for a partial refund. $20? I'm sure the seller will think a partial refund is better than relisting and going thru the hassle to sell again.

    I remember watching this auction and it went for a great price! And these bags don't show up too often as it is, let alone below $100.
  5. I know, that's why I don't want to return it. I was so excited to win it! I was actually bidding on it at a wedding during the last 10 mins. of auction! :P But can Coach fix it? I don't want the handle to get worse.
  6. I do NOT believe that they will fix it if you send it in. I think everyone ended up getting a credit.
  7. Do not get a partial. Love it as it is or send it back.
    No they will not repair (99.9% chance no), they COULD issue merch. credit, but based on the use of this bag in the photos, they may argue that it was normal wear & tear.
    Not sure cost will cost you (20$ to send in to Coach unless they wave), but you could take it to a leather repair shop and get an estimate.

    WWBD? Return it, not worth your $ in pain of time and your own hard earned $$.
  8. Thanks for the advice so far... PLEASE keep it coming. Especially if you have this bag and have had problems with the leather splitting.

    I hate to send it back, these auctions are so few and far between. The outside is actually in really good condition. From what I have heard the leather scratches are a normal part of this bag. And the inside is clean, minus the pen marks. I hate to have her then send her back. :cry:
  9. Here's some pics I took of the overall condition of the bag.

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  10. I think you got it at a great price. I would let it go, except I would let the seller know she missed the area when she listed it. Not everyone knows every issue each bag is succeptible to. She could have overlooked it. I don't think she will refund because you already got a great deal. She could tell you to return it and she could probably re-list it and get more. JMHO
  11. Yea the seller said "no rips or tears... just ink marks" but I would say that classifies as rips/tears. I would be upset if I received a bag in that condition. I say contact the seller and see if they are willing to even work with you other wise send it back! I would be afraid to carry it. Thats just my honest opinion!
  12. Well, I contacted the seller. Still waiting for a reply. I will take the bag to Coach tomorrow just for advice. I will also contact a leather repair shop to find out the cost.

    Thanks for all advice. I did look up the Mandy situation, but saw no resolution. Thanks for the link though.

    Please continue to give advice and comments, I really appreciate it!