Please help! I own a gold 35 birkin with phw fjord....

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  1. what should be my 2nd birkin...etain 35 togo with phw


    black 35 togo with phw

    thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Personally, I would get Black!
  3. Another vote for black.
  4. I have a 35 phw in Black myself, so my vote is for that one ;).
  5. I feel Gold is a neutral. So are black and Etain. I would go for a red, myself.
  6. I would get Black
  7. That's a tough choice cause I love both. Since you have a Gold B already, I would probably pick black. Gold and Etain are both warmer colors so having a Black B would add more range. I also prefer Etain with GHW more ...
  8. Black. I have a Gold with PHW B ad a Black with GHW B. Go for the Black one next. You will not regret it. Good luck!
  9. darling etain i would consider a brighter or lighter color but black and gold ????? hmmm not the most unique pair in all honesty. hope it helps love fjord btw !!!
  10. I love both Etain and Black. But if i have to chose one, i'll chose Black, and pair it with GHW. Some people dont like black, since Hermes makes such a beautiful color, but if it makes your heart sing, go for it! You're the one who'll be paying for the bag. And you're the one who'll enjoy it!
    Best of luck!!
  11. Classic black, however for your third B...I suggest red!
  12. Black
  13. :PWe all need a black bag:P
  14. Ok don't kick me, but "once you go black, you never go back".
    *hide* But Black gets my vote!
  15. I vote for black :smile:

    My second Birkin I want the black one...oh I wish I can get it sooner :biggrin: