Please Help, I Need U Guys, Asap... Stressed Out!!!

  1. HI... I need you guys to HELP me decide, PLEASE!!! If you had to choose one... between the Balenciaga Magenta 05 Shoulder(pochette) and the Magenta 05 Flat Flap (clutch/pochette) which would you choose? I do love both but can only purchase one. I know both are a rare find... PLEASE HELP SOON AS POSSIBLE, I depend on all of you and trust in your judgement. Thanks :sweatdrop:
  2. I think I've understood which objects you're referring to ;). It's always a personal choice, but I prefer the shoulder (forced myself not to buy it, 'cause I'm on a ban!!) It's lovely!
  3. clutch! you hardly ever see them and so chic!
  4. I do honestly think a magenta shoulder is easier to come across so I will go for the flat flap ;)
  5. Clutch!!
  6. Go for the pochette!
  7. I like the clutch !
  8. Pochette. The shoulder is almost useless (in my opinion). Too small.

    Pochette is also much'll probably get another chance for a shoulder someday if you want to try one.
  9. I'd grab the pochette!
  10. It all depends what and how you would use it for? i personally like the Clutch not the shoulder.:tup: Go for the Clutch, it is also very rare to find.;):heart:
  11. HI... Thanks guys, please keep them coming. When you guys refer to pochette please say either clutch or shoudler. Thanks :smile:
  12. I would personally use the clutch more, and it seems like a moderately sized handbag to me, so that would be my choice. BUT I think it's a matter of personal preference in the end. The shoulder is like a makeup with a strap, right? If you think you would be more likely to use a little bag in magenta for evening or something, maybe that is the better choice.
  13. When I said pochette, I meant the clutch. I've never seen the shoulder being referred to as the pochette before.
  14. I am a huge fan of the clutch; so that would be my choice.

  15. Oh Okay... Sorry I mistake :smile: Looks like the clutch has the most votes so far. Thanks for you post... EVERYONE!!!