Please help, I NEED to stop breastfeeding!!!!

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to stop breastfeeding a toddler. My 17 month old loves breastfeeding, but I'm at the end of my rope with it. :crybaby:

    Each evening it's the same scene - I try to give her countless substitutes, but it always ends up in a tantrum until I give in. :hysteric:It seems she's never satisfied and tries to practically rip my shirt off to get more. I hope this doesn't sound's just that breastfeeding is not the "bonding" experience it was when she was an infant.

    I guess I should have listened to those who advised me to stop breastfeeding earlier, but it just never seemed like the right time. Now I feel like I am going to be breastfeeding until she's 4 or something. :sweatdrop:

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I'll try just about anything at this point!
  2. Sorry I don't have any advice here. Have you talked to your daughter's pediatrician? Some pediatrician offices also have lactation consultants/educators, I am sure they can help.
  3. Perhaps you can contact a lactation consultant? In my situation it was advised to let my husband give a bottle (Icould be expressed breastmilk) while you are in another room or maybe have a walk or something. She links you with breastfeeding but not your husband. This worked with us.
  4. If you truly want to be done, seperate yourself from her feedings as much as possible.
    She's really too old to be trying to give her a bottle at this point, but I'd try and at least wean her down to just bedtime or something.
    Going cold turkey isn't preobably good for either of you.

    I don't think it's "because you should've weaned her earlier", lOTS of women nurse until the 2nd birthday, it's just her personality and level of attachment. I doubt it would've been any easier 2-5 months ago.

    What's her eating and nursing schedule look like right now?
    What are her other fluid sources and how does she drink them?
  5. Just ignore the tantrums, make sure she has a full stomach of milk before're the mom and you're in bff went through the same thing..she breastfed till her son was 3..I gave her this same advice and it worked in 2 days.:smile: GL!

  6. Thanks Swanky, I didn't think it would have been easier a few months ago either, but my MIL keeps telling me I should have stopped at 9 months and that I missed the magic window to stop. I don't like listening to MIL.:cursing:

    DD's nursing schedule on the weekdays is: 1.) first thing in the morning 2.) right after I get home from work and 3.) right after bath and before bed. I'm trying to give up the 2nd nursing session, I figured that would be the easiest to give up. However, it seems like she wants to intermittently nurse from 4 pm until bedtime some evenings. MIL says it's because she misses me during the day (as if I don't feel enough guilt already), but on the weekends it's even worse.

    Do you know if it would be easier to stop at the 2 year old point? I'm thinking it might be easier since she'll be able to understand more then? I'm sort of looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.:sad:
  7. Oops forgot to mention, her other fluid sources are milk and water. She drinks them from a cup, but throws the cup on the ground whenever I am within a 10 foot radius.
  8. I just weaned my daughter a few months ago and it was extremely difficult as she was using it as a means of soothing. We just had to let her cry it out (she was 2.5 which is pretty old and only nursing at night out of habit so its not like we were depriving an infant who needed the nutrition, lol) and would offer her a sippy cup with cold soymilk in it (she's lactose intolerant). She sometimes took the milk and sometimes she would want water. It helped when dh could tend to her instead of me since she associated me with nursing. We stopped her nursing cold turkey because I had just found out that I was expecting and so it was pretty difficult. She still wakes frequently at night (she's just always been a bad sleeper and doesn't know how to self soothe) and so we usually rock her back to sleep or find other ways to soothe her (think Happiest Baby on the Block!).
    I've had friends who said that it helped to send their child to their grandparents house for the weekend and that it helped with the weaning since they weren't around mom and didn't have the option to nurse for a couple of days in a row...Another friend had her dh take her son to his mom's for the week (her dh stayed with him) and that worked for them...Hope you figure out something that works for you and your baby! :smile:
  9. ^^Thanks glamour, I think leaving DD at the grandparents would be a great idea....unfortunately they are flying distance, not driving distance away from us. But it gets me to thinking....maybe I need to go on a business trip and leave DH with DD for the week. All this time I've been avoiding business travel like the plague. Time to reconsider :idea:
  10. Subbing to this thread since my son will be 2 next month and is still nursing with no intentions of stopping anytime soon. I am ready to be done though,
  11. Mine is a bit extreme, I guess. My son was older too, I want to say 19-24 months or more, and I took a job that required me to travel. He forgot about it while I was gone,lol. It made me sad in a way, but the main reason I nursed for so long was because he had a hard time nursing so we had to supplement with formula. He needed extra antibodies to conquer an inherited severe food allergy-the only cure known for it at this time is nursing to a certain age. It still hurt a little when he didn't want it anymore. Good luck to you!