Please help - I need to get out of this eBay auction...

  1. Whatever you do, DON'T pay for it!

    Since it was supposedly a gift, the seller can't complain too much if you contact her and explain that it's counterfeit and it's illegal for her to sell it on eBay or anywhere in the US. There are at least three things wrong with that bag that I can see.

    I'll try reporting it to eBay and see if they'll remove it.

    The seller also has Private listings, and one of her buyers mentions a keychain, and another one mentions a "fast return" - somehow I have a feling this isn't the first fake this person's sold. You might also try telling her that as a member of tPF, you're obligated to report ALL counterfeit items to eBay and see what she says.

  2. ive reported it several ways and hope to get it removed for you. if yove not already, contact the seller and let her know you now know its fake. depending on what she says, file a formal dispute.
  3. I guess I still need to learn to spot a fake cause I can't tell the difference by the drilldown pic and her pics. But oh well...I'll report it. Hope things get sorted out and you can get outta the auction without negative feedback.
  4. Hyacinth - thank you so much. I feel so stupid for getting caught in this.
  5. We all do sooner or later, so don't feel bad. It took a bit of digging to find those fake keychains but I've reported them and the bag so hopefully they'll get pulled.

    Just a warning for everyone - there are TONS of fake Sig Stripe bags being listed, most say Crimson on the price tags but the color on the bag, the color name on the price tag, and the color code at the top of the price tag never match each other. DON'T BID ON ANY SIG STRIPES unless the seller provides a clear, legitimate photo of the Coach price tag showing all the color names and codes. If you're not sure, ask at the Authenticate This thread.
  6. I reported it also. BTW, that was a great catch b/c that tote is an excellent fake!! Good luck!
  7. See the almost guitar pick shaped piece hanging off the "Coach" price tag laying on the table next to the brown "Coach" receipt folder?
  8. No one should feel stupid when inadvertantly buying a fake. We all get caught in the moment. Things happen. We bid on things because we don't know any better, we missed something in the listing, the seller scammed us, we bid at the last minute and took a chance for a woo hoo on a poorly listed item, etc.

    I bid on a Coach the other day that was not totally vintage but did not have a creed. I took a chance. It was something I was willing to do.

    The main thing to remember is that when people authenticate, they are giving opinions. If you aren't sure, keep quiet, step back and make a secret guess and read the posts to see what you missed.

    That is the way to learn.

    We were all new some time. I didn't feel comfortable authenticating Coach for quite some time. I still keep quiet on some items.

    Also, if you read the posts, you can learn what other means, besides the obvious, that people use to come to their conclusions that something is fake.
  9. this is all good advise..thanks
  10. yikes, keep everyone posted on how this goes...
  11. yay...this auction finally got pulled...just meaning we can't leave each other feedback.

    i'd LOVE to message her back though...after her snotty message to me about "this is not a fake"...she's still selling fake coach keychains.

    and i'm reporting every single one