Please Help!! I need to find this bag

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  1. I really appreciate it; I am looking into buying my very 1st chanel bag, but dont know which one this is and where I can find it.
    100021015015-00.jpg 100021015015-01.jpg
  2. Where did you get this picture from?

    I have not seen this bag at any stores recently?, I wonder what year is this from?
  3. yeap, that's a vintage for sure... very pretty!
  4. I really love the simplicity of it.
  5. My NM has the Timeless Classic Tote similar to this in red right now.
  6. I saw it on this post, under the chanel eye candy and it was there. I thought this was maybe a popular bag, but I would love to have it in gold. But I did purchase my black medallion today. I can't wait to share with you guys and show pics!
  7. that's definitely a vintage tote! woooots. hot color fab hw!
  8. I think Beautilicious has one in black.
  9. Gorgeous bag, did you get it from a Japanese consignment shop website? It's vintage.
  10. What is Beautilicious? Is that a site? I found these pics on our forum.
  11. ohhh ahhh that bag IS nice!!! me likey!!:drool:
  12. I think she's referring to our fellow tPFer, not a store :yes:
  13. I'ts so pretty and love the colour.