Please help i need to decide by tonight, Prada gauffre too trendy versus Balenciaga?

  1. What do you think is the Prada gauffre line to trendy in comparison to the Bal motoline.
    I have a prada gauffre in lightbrown put aside for me. I was looking for a nice springbag this one is light brown/corn (actually looks like my hair and I am blond).
    It's really pretty but I am wondering if it's "too much" will look quickly outdated etc...
    My other option would be another Bal part-time in RH or SGH in sahara or sienna.

    I will try to find pics.

    Please help my deadline is tonight european time.
  2. Here is a pic of the Prada which i found in the Pradsub. color is the same but I think the shape is a bid diffrent.

  3. ^With that Prada bag, I dont care if its trendy! ITS BEAUTIFUL, and I love it!
  4. It's gorgeous, catcat!
  5. i LOVE the Prada! If you already have a Bbag it might be nice to have something totally different also!
  6. I think that prada bag is a classic. Its been widely copied at all price points, though. If you love it, go for it! Love bbags too, but why not mix it up?
  7. i love b bag more than the prada
  8. I think the Prada Gauffre is a classic. That bag that is set aside is just gorgeous. However, I'm biased as I"m more of a Prada girl.
  9. i usually prefer bbags to most other designers, but if you already have a bbag then you should get something different. this coming from a girl who has multiple bbags in a bunch of different colors! tough choice, but you really can't lose on this one. although, the part time with rh sounds lovely...i'm not much help!
  10. Thanks for your help I decided to go with the Prada for a change!
  11. :tup: good choice.. it's more classic i think..
  12. That Prada is GORGEOUS. It would be my choice over a BBag!