PLEASE HELP: i need these chanel sunglasses in my life!! WARNING: contains nudity!

  1. don't ask me how i came across these lol but please, does anybody know where i can get access to these sunglasses...i'm so sorry if i'm breaking the rules by posting nudity but these were the only pictures i could find, please, anything will do, a name, what i can do to find these particular glasses, anything, i just need help. i'm in love with these sunglasses...can anyone help me?



  2. Well...those are the least risque nude pics I've ever seen... ;)
  3. lol the pictures actually get worse, but i picked these as they were the most "mild" lol

    sorry if i'm milking it but heres two more


    anyone recognise this particular range? i've been looking for a good quality of these type of "gradual faded" sunglasses for ages and these are just perfect.:love:
  4. Where's the nudity!!! Did I miss it? I dont see anything!
  5. all I see are red X's.
    Can you attach them please instead of linking them?
  6. okay here they are as attachments

    anyone recognise the shades? seen them on eBay? know where i can find them or at least see pictures of them? do these shades have a particular name?

    thanks in advance!
  7. ^^Wow Amanda you are like Quick Draw McGraw with that edit button.:lol:
  8. okaaaaay! Well, that clearly is not going to work! Please do not post photos like that again on this website where we have 12 year old children!
    Find a way to crop the smut out or don't psot.
  9. LMAO Mon!
  10. where are the sunglasses?
  11. wow I'm really curious to see what these sunglasses/this photo look like LOL... o
  12. I removed the photos, there was more in your face T&A & crotch shots than there were sunnies.

  13. I was going to say the OP should edit the photos. but then I read their "username"

    can we say, troll?:boxing:
  14. ^^^ita! Gross, ick, yuck!
  15. :lol: You guys are so quick!!