Please help! I need opinion and advise

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  1. I recently received a gift from hubby, a navy boy, size old medium. However, last month, I tried the new medium and the SA thinks that it's a bit boxy for me. Which made me feels the same way. (The one I tried on is in chevron pattern, and it's a light color). However, I been seeing many reveals of the new medium and now I am wondering if I should also get the new medium. A gift to myself? I

    For reference, I am ~4'10". I am just so confuse and really need an opinion. Thanks.
  2. If you do not love it, don't keep it. Make sure you tell your darling hubby how you feel as I know mine gets upset if I return something that he gave me as a gift....

  3. Thanks. I actually love the one he gave me. I am just unsure if I should get another boy in the new size medium. To me any gift he gave me have a reason so I always appreciate it and love it.
  4. Sounds like you and your SA agree the old medium is best for you.

  5. I do feel the old medium suits me well but everytime I see the new medium, it makes me want to get one. That's why I am asking for opinion. Does it make sense to own 2 boys?
  6. You are sooooooooooo asking the wrong person! I don't know about sense, but owning several bags of one particular type is quite common. The boys are so handsome and they vary so much, so the more the merrier. :smile:

  7. Thanks.