Please help. I need MJ advice.

  1. I'm so torn and having a huge 'crisis of conscience' (as shoppingsmycard said!).

    I really really want a zip clutch - I think I've wanted one for about 2 years but never knew about sales or anything before a few months ago. My Bloomie's order was cancelled a couple months ago and I've never quite gotten over that. :crybaby: I really do prefer the silver hardware, but when will I be able to get a deal on one? Maybe never.

    Can anyone talk me through this?
    -love:heart: the clutch
    -black is on sale (plus I have a $25 gift card for Saks)
    -I am in the process of selling/returning 6 bags and 1 wallet

    -I've spent so much money lately (but also see the last Pro listed above)
    -Gold hardware (although it's gorgeous!)
    -my MJ bags have silver hardware (does that matter?)

    Please be honest with me! I know it seems like I am going on this huge binge lately - and I guess I have - but I am really downsizing my bags and returning 2 unused ones (over $500 right there).
  2. you know, matching hardware used to be a huge peeve of mine, so i can totally understand. these days, though, so many people mix & match that i don't think it's that big of a deal.

    BUT, what matters is whether it's going to bug you. if it is, it's definitely not worth it. you should lovelovelove it, and if you don't, not worth it.

    and i'm in the middle of a huge binge this month too, so i totally sympathize. i'm justifying by telling myself if i get the hudson, no more bags for a while!
  3. If you can get Black Zip Clutch for less, it's a very great deal. Most Soft Calf styles in Black never go on sale.
  4. i just called that Diane lady and she said they're sold out of the black zip clutch. Only putty left. i managed to snag the last whiskey one *guilty* :shame:
  5. ^ Congrats! =)
  6. Kathleen was holding one for me. I just called her back and told her I didn't want it, so if anyone else wants the black one, there is one left, as of 5:30 EST.

    I was really torn, but I decided that the silver is what I want and I'll scour ebay and wherever else until I find one. It doesn't have to be RIGHT NOW. ;)

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Thanks for your advice - I didn't lovelovelove the gold, so I showed some uncommon self-restraint and didn't buy it.:smile:
  8. wow, good girl! it's hard, i know - i do that dance at least once a week since joining this forum :rolleyes: but that's the standard by which i have to judge things...not "it's a great deal," or "wow, i've never seen that color before," but "do i lovelovelove it". works wonders! :roflmfao:
  9. Good job on the self restraint! If you're not totally in love, then hold out until you get what you want! That's the best way to not spend frivously... now if I could only listen to my own advice...