Please help, I need advice/suggestions picking out (any) two bags!!

  1. Sorry for this, I know i'm new here! Here's the deal: I'm visiting my relatives in another country, and my uncle as a gift is giving me two designer purses, any two. I'm going to guess my price range is anywhere from $500 to $2500 usd each, because I don't want to be too greedy...
    So basically I need help picking them out! And help within the next 5 days, because that's how much longer i'm going to be here. I'm looking for ones that are maybe more "it bags"? That are recognizable and won't go out of style for years, because I can't really buy bags for myself at this point. I prefer medium to large sized. Or maybe one bigger one for everyday and one smaller one for going out at night.
    A bit about me: I'm a college student going into my second year (hence the reason I mainly can't buy bags for myself), mostly asian-mixed, 5'2" and love fashion and designer :] Oh, and I live in California (socal for home, norcal for school).
    Please, any suggestions and advice would help so much! And the more the better! I figure I can trust people on this site more than anyone else :heart:
  2. lucky girl:yahoo:

    personally, i would do a classic chanel flap bag, and then maybe a ysl muse as a bigger bag...
  3. I say get a Chanel flap and an LV bag in any size or shape you like. They're both good investments and won't go out of style anytime in the forseeable future.

    Have fun shopping! :smile:
  4. Hi and welcome! :biggrin:

    Well, it really depends on your preferences and personal style; I could tell you what I like, but that may not be what you like! :smile:

    One word of warning - by definition, recognisable 'it' bags will generally go out of style (and/or favour) far quicker than a less recognisable style.
  5. chanel sounds great! i also like the vuitton batignolles for school. what about the lv speedy?
  6. If you are looking for classic bags that won't go out of style lots of people seem to like the chanel classic flap bags and the monogram LV speedy (neither are particularly to my taste though) i think the YSL muse as previously suggested is a lovely bag.
    If you want a 'funkier' bag may be worth looking at the balenciagia forum to see if any of the bags on there grab you!
    Good luck and have fun looking!
  7. I vote for a Balenciaga City in a fun color. My favorite!
  8. I ditto on the Balenciaga. I love the colors!
  9. I'd vote for something from Balenciaga as well :smile:
  10. Ooh, great suggestions guys!! I'm definitely looking into Chanel. Those are definitely classy for an evening bag, i'll go browse now hahah. I think i'd get one in black to match everything?
    I looked up the speedy, and i realized my friend has the same one! Is there some sort of unwritten rule that i can't get the exact same as someone else I see all the time? I don't know but for some reason i would feel bad lol...has this happened to any of you?
    I will look into Balenciaga and YSL. The bright colors of balenciaga sound like a lot of funn, especially since most of the purses i own are more neutral colors...i think i'll break from that trend for this one :]
    Also, I was looking at the Dior Cannage Drawstring and liked it, but i don't know if it's only a this season bag, you know?
    I have a lot to learn ahah...
  11. Do you have any designers or styles in mind? I would suggest looking through the main designer threads in this forum (like Balenciaga, Chanel etc)..look through the pictures either in the reference threads or "show us your ---" threads, to get an idea. "It" bags generally go out of style but there are some that are *always* in style (LV speedys) but they may not be to your taste.

    You could get one *it* bag and one classic. The balenciagas are fun, great colors. And yes of course you can get a speedy if your friend has one. If you like them its all worth it. There are different types too (mono, damier, azure, epi etc) so if you do want something different you can get one your friend doesn't have.

    Are you into bags that scream out designer and are ok with logos or do you not want everyone knowing what you have? Or a bit of both? Anyway congrats on having this opportunity, you have a great uncle!:tup: