Please help! I need a bag!

  1. I need your expert advice! I am looking for a cotton or synthetic material bag that I can throw around and put laptops/shoes and etc to carry to work. I have considered Longchamp bags but I don't think its sturdy enough to carry a laptop (and a lot of people have it too) and I can't justify spending 1.5k on Hermes garden totes. So if you have any suggestions for a fave work bag, please share!
    Thank you
  2. Why don't you buy a laptop insert or sleeve? Most places carry them for the specific purpose of protecting the laptop while in a bag that's not specifically designated for laptop use.

    Here are some cute ones from Nordstorm:



    Both at $14

    I've even seen my local Nordstrom carry cuter ones for about $30 in the handbag section.

    I would imagine that most electronic places carry them. That way, if you still want to use a Longchamp tote or a regular boat tote, you can still safely carry your laptop.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  3. Aimee Michele laptop messenger stripes.jpg Aimee Michelle stripes laptop.jpg Angela Liu retro green and yellow floral denim messenger.jpg
  4. thanks for the idea re: laptop sleeves. i'll definitely do that.
    but how about a stylish bag? do designers make large canvas type bags? like chanel, chloe, marni...
  5. I have a Tumi nylon bag for my laptop and agenda/documents and it looks amazing after 7 years!

    Try and check out the 'womens collection' then the 'elements' section. They have totes, laptop carriers and messenger bags around $300 and upward.

    Not sure if you are looking for a classic style like these or something trendier, but I found Tumi an incredible investment and held up through all my style changes, not to mention weather, commuting and business travel! Pretty darn indestructible, and mine in black is pretty much repellant to dirt and dust :supacool: . I can't say enough great things about Tumi!
  6. I second on Tumi. I have both an insert and a messenger bag from Tumi that I use all the time. I travel all around the country and they have kept my laptops safe during flights, multiple client sites etc, and the insert gives you the freedom to use other bags to tote your laptop (I admit- I have a briefcase fetish too!) Prada also makes a number of nylon styles of laptop totes and messenger bags.