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  1. I need to get back on track! I've found myself perusing the Chanel board and getting really excited over the small caviar tote...but I'm trying hard to save for a Christmas Bolide!

    This is exactly what has prevented my H purchases in the past...I go gaga over a "gotta have it now" bag and then I cry and whine because I still want an H and start my savings plan all over again, until the next "gotta have it" comes along. It's a vicious cycle!:crybaby:

    How does one curb one's appetite for instant gratification versus waiting for the grail purse(s)? Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. since buying Hermes bags...I have lost all desire for any other brand of bags...and all gotta have it now.

    I am lucky i guess.
  3. I am likewise not focus on H lately... I still love chanel and bottega too..
    But you know at the end H still H! :love:
  4. Put a picture of your grail H bag as wallpaper on your laptop or PC and your cellphone. I think the constant visual reminder would help you stay focused...just my 2 cents :p
  5. Kellybag....oh Kellybag....WHERE ARE YOU!?!

    She's the queen of patience and common sense!

    Sorry, I am of no help....
  6. Patience! Like you´ve done before, buy another bag, then it´s back to square one with the Bolide.
  7. gigi's suggestion is a great and practical one. :yes:

    I have lost all desire for IT bags. The quality is ALWAYS pale in comparison to a H bag and the thrill of owning a IT bag is so temporary, I know for a fact that I will waste more money in the long run. For example: 2 IT bags = 1 Bolide. And a Bolide is timeless.
  8. keep the pic of the bag u want on ur mirror or wallet where u come across it constantly ----wait for a week or so and see if u really want another bag before u rush and buy it and then regret
  9. DH would agree with you, MrsS. :yes:
  10. Since I purchased my JPG Birkin, I have no desire for any other brand. Only desires for other H bags.
  11. I do have some Bolide/Kelly?Birkin pics hung up around my office...LOL it's to the point where my clients are asking me, "What's up with the purses?" on a weekly basis!

    I think what I fight the most is the sense of "I could probably get it (Chanel) today" But you guys are 100% right...the thrill will wear off in a couple of months. PLUS...I already have a black Celine Boogie bag and a beige YSL I don't need anything else in those colors! Right??:wondering

    Maybe I can just redirect my sense of thrill...I bought an AWESOME pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses yesterday....the best sunglasses ever...I am thoroughly hooked! Maybe I'll go try them on and pose in the mirror for awhile...
  12. Honestly you have fabulous bags. Live in them (like Tim Gunn says "make it work! LoL) and really get into the forum. When you really truly want one, NOTHING but your bag will give you that boost. Not a Chanel in the hand. Not LV.

    When you know your favourite leather, you might stop buying hair accesories or scarves. When you hit on just the perfect harware, you'll probably stop looking at clothes or fall wardrobe items. When you know the colour you can't live without, you'll even stop buying shoes for a while to get even closer...

    Once you get that first H bag from the store, it will all hit you at once. There's no rehab or methadone clinic for H... So be ready for it!

    Good luck! The more you know, the harder it is to walk away...
  13. I know just what you mean. I keep buying Chanels and Pradas -- and am trying to get myself back on track saving for my next birkin. It's soooo hard and I do love immediate gratification. (and they are pretty too aren't they?)
  14. I feel your pain! I found myself at Neimans yesterday...just walking aimlessly around the handbag department. Willing myself to purchase something. Luckily my daughter had the good sense to get me out of there!
  15. I planned out my bag wardrobe/purchases. If an IT bag comes along and it doesn't fit into my plan, I don't get it. I like a couple of Prada's fall bags but in reality I have no use for them and I probably will not like them in Fall 2008, I do have a use for a bolide.