PLEASE HELP!!! I made a mess...

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I finally got around to coloring my hair this week-end and while it looks great, my bathroom sink and counter do not. :crybaby: I wiped the sink and counter as soon as I finished and they were clean but apparently I had missed some spots. I went out for a few hours and came back to find that numerous stains had developed. I have tried everything I can think of from Comet, Chlorox, Tide and Oxyclean to alcohol, acetone, hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar. Nothing seems to work. :Push:
    My landlord is the pickiest person on earth and I don't know will be stopping by the apartment next week. I don't know what to do to get myself out of this mess. Anyone have any recommendations? :sad:
  2. Try Oxyclean or sometimes I just let the Clorox Clean-up soak on the spot for a while. I use dark brown hair color and the Clorox Clean-up always works. I even colored my hair in a hotel room once.
  3. Another product is called Kaboom, I think Oxyclean makes it, it might take the finish off surfaces though.
  4. What color are your tiles?
  5. The counter is this dry material that is beige in color. It does not have any sort of finish so that should not be a problem. The dye I used is brown. I used half a box of Oxyclean but it doesn't seem to work. It looks like the dye has penetrated...
  6. Can you get some X-14? It is this great tub and tile cleaner that has bleach in it
  7. Try letting the Clorox soak overnight. Also, try scrubbing-maybe steelwool (be careful of your fingers).
  8. ^^^
    Maybe the landlord didn't put a sealant on the tile? Probably not if the dye soaked through the ceramic!
  9. I am SO stressed out! I've been scrubbing for 2 hours!!! The landlord is gonna have my neck if he sees this mess. I'm going to let the Oxyclean soak overnight and then try to get my hands on some of the products you ladies mentioned tomorrow. Where can you get these products. I live in a small town and all we have is a CVS and an Ace Hardware store...
  10. IntlSet, I am pretty sure there is no sealant. The surface is this dry surface...
  11. I think you can get the Kaboom at K-mart. Use rubber gloves it is really strong and not good for your skin.
  12. Thanks Fendigal, IntlSet and Nishi621! :heart:
  13. Good luck, ggk. Dumb of your landlord not to put sealant on the counter!
  14. If there is no finish, do you think it would be safe to try using sandpaper? Don't get too aggressive, but I got a spot out from a countertop that way once.
  15. ^^^ Yes, especially given how fanatical he is about keeping everything impeccable!!!