Please help, I just can't decide which to buy......

  1. Ok ladies this morning I was in the market for a pouchette and maybe a small wallet to go with it. However I have been looking through the louis website and have fallen for the Speedy 25 or 30 in Azure. Does anyone have any pics of this size?

    I wanted the pouchette for going out on an evening but I'm loving the speedy and don't have one. However its an everyday size bag and already have plenty on these.

    Is the speedy worth spluring on or shoudl I be sensible and go for what I sort or need?

    Please help!
  2. If you have the funds to splurge, then go for it! Otherwise I'd say buy what you need and could actually use.
  3. I say get it because its a great everyday bag and nobody can go wrong with a speedy
  4. If you really love the speedy, and you don't have one then I say get it. You can't go wrong with having a speedy in your collection.

    I have the Azur speedy in the 25 and a mono 30 and I love them both. I personally prefer the look of the Azur in the 25.
  5. I think the Speedy is a great choice!

    Here's a comparison pic of the Speedy 25 and 30 in Ebony Damier:

  6. a Speedy is DEFINITELY worth the splurge!
  7. He he, you lot are awful encourging me to splurge! :graucho:

    I'm def drawn towards the speedy. Loving the look of the azure but does it get dirty when it is so light? If i get it i'd use ot loads and don't know if the ebony would be more sensible?
  8. The speedy is great!!!!
  9. I personally like the ebene better than azur for both the look and not having to worry about it getting dirty. As for size, I like the 30, but I need to carry a lot of stuff around. Definitely try it on if you can
  10. funds notwithstanding, i think you'd get a lot more use out of a Speedy than a Pochette, which i find excruciatingly small and don't even use anymore
  11. Totally recommend the speedy. I use my pochette in my speedy 30 and LOVE it. I put makeup in it, pills, etc. Great evening bag, too.
  12. speedy if you have the funds. 30 is a great everyday size even if you are someone who doesn't carry too much. I like the 30 because I can get my lunch and a magazine in it with my wallet, makeup bag, ipod, cell, agenda, and sunglass case. You should def try on!
  13. I love the speedy 30!