PLEASE HELP!!! ... I have 1 hour to decide!

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  1. My friend just called me that she bought 30 chocolate birkin in clemence with PHW. Should I take it???? .... otherwise, she will return it within 1 hour!!

    Actually, this is my dream birkin (30 or 35 should be ok) for a long time, but after seeing etoupe birkin that you guys have revealed, I'm in love with it. So I'm wondering ... should I say Yes to this one (coz it's also nice color to have anyway) OR should I turn down and wait for etoupe?? .. (you know I can't afford to take them all at the moment)
    Please help ... I'd love to hear what you think!! :confused1::Push::sweatdrop:
  2. Hmm...if it has been your dream birkin, I would take it! YOu could always get etoupe another time!
  3. Impulse control :thinking:, dig deep, is this really a bag of your dreams? If not, wait. Patience is a virture.
  4. Chocolate with PHW sounds beautiful!! It really depends just how badly you want etoupe over chocolate.....I'd go for the chocolate if it were me but be sure it's want you really want or it could be a very expensive mistake
  5. tough call...

    just a question I always ask myself whenever I'm stuck in a similar situation...

    if you wake up tomorrow morning, will you kick yourself in the *** if you don't get this one? :confused1:

    sending positive vibes your way...good luck! :okay:
  6. chocolat is a very versatile color. it goes with everything!
  7. I personally adore both colours but from those I would choose chocolate
  8. wait for your dream bag. is it etoupe or chocolate. take the one you like between 2. if choclate is not it have patience. i prefer etoupe
  9. hi since u are from france is it true that in paris there are a lot of birkins available on shelf?
  10. I would go for chocolate. I think it is a gorgeous color and should be even more stunning in clemence.
  11. Oh ... forget to tell you about its price tag. It's around $8,900. Does anybody know whether there is VAT refund in US?? Thank you so much for your help!
  12. ^^^ Where is the bag coming from? That seems expensive for a 30, of course I'm basing that on UK pricing
  13. chocolate is a beautiful, rich color. I know because I have one in 35 togo. It really boils down to how much you love the color. etoupe and chocolate are two colors that I think will not go away, so if chocolate was your first love, you should go for it. etoupe can come later.
  14. It's from US! ... what should I do?? I have now 20 mins left! :wtf::Push:
  15. I think from the fact that you even have to question whether to get it makes me think you shouldn't do it and should wait for an etoupe one.

    My personal preference would always be chocolate but then I don't really like etoupe