Please help! I fear for my canvas Burberry flats ...

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  1. Hello ladies, I'm kind of an outsider to the Burberry forums, I've just poked my head in from time to time to admire everyone's items, and asked for some advice on some potential purchases. Last night, unexpectedly, I acquired my first Burberry item: Canvas and leather plaid flats from Nordstrom Rack! (for $180 ... btw, if anyone is near NR in Sacramento, they still have lots of Burberry shoes for obscenely low prices :graucho:). So I got home all excited, and decided to Scotchgard my shoes because the canvas part was worrying me. So I did a quick colorfast test on the plaid canvas on the inside, sprayed and rubbed ... and the color started to come off! EEEK!

    So now I'm looking for a canvas protectant that's safe to use. Does anyone have experience in this? TIA :heart: I'm working on pictures on the flats ...
  2. OK, here is a photo of the shoes in question ...

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  3. no advice, sorry... but I love your shoes! so cute!
  4. I hang out in the Christian Louboutin forum from time to time and those girls seem to know everything about caring for their shoes--and some CLs do have canvas uppers. SO I'd suggest reposting this question there and maybe you'll get some useful advice!
  5. Oh I love those shoes. They would look so great with my tan mini manor!!!
    Why don't they have them on sale where I live?! grrr

    anyway, I sprayed my mini manor (which probably is the same material) with anti-dirt probector from TANA.It can be used for leather, canvas and plastics. I don't know if they have that brand in the US, but here you can buy it at shoe stores and shoerepairshops... By the way, you shouldn't rub it when you have sprayed it on, but let it air dry.
  6. I have no advice, sorry! But I do need to tell you that I love those shoes, I am so short that I can't wear flats, but they are adorable!!! :love:
  7. Thanks for all the advice, everyone ... I will definitely try the TANA spray :smile:

    jen6292, your comment made me laugh -- I'm too tall, so I can't wear heels! I'm stuck with flats, and I hate it. We need to switch bodies, then we can be happy with our shoe options :P