PLease help! I dont know which bag to choose!

  1. I have the oppertunity to purchase either a louis vuitton monogram speedy or the monogram mizi. I am about
    5' 4'' and weigh about 118. what would be a better bag for me overall
  2. If you have the chance to get a Mizi, do it! It's so much harder to find than a Speedy is and definitely stands out. It would be the perfect size, too.
  3. Mizi
  4. If you can find a Mizi get it!!! It's so pretty!
  5. Mizi
  6. thanks guys! i think ill go with the mizi, its such a gorgeous bag.
  7. Please get Mizi! You can get speedy anytime.
  8. Mizi first then the Speedy. Mizi is harder to find.
  9. mizi
  10. Def. the mizi!
  11. Definitely get the Mizi... it's much hotter than the Speedy!
  12. mizi definitely!!!!!
  13. Mizi!