PLEASE HELP!! I could DIE for these shoes!!

  1. OK, I always feel like when I see something I fall in love with I am always either a day late or a dollar short. :push:

    When I saw these shoes at the Neiman Marucs "Last Call" several months ago I feel in LOVE LOVE LOVE with them at first sight. They have to sparkle like the most BRILLIANT shoe on earth. Serisouly, I could shave my head bald and put a weird tattoo of pink lips on my wrist to have these shoes!! :p OF COURSE, they didn't have my size, not even one I could SQUISH my foot into. These shoes have NOT left my mind since & I happened to be at the NM outlet again today and they are 75% off, they are literally TORTURING me.

    Anyway, if ANYBODY happens to live near a NM Last Call and HAPPENS to go in & finds these in a size 41 I LITERALLY would be thankful for the rest of my life. I tried asking the cashier if there was anyway they could locate them at another Last Call but she really wasn't helpful at all.

    Anyway, here they are....

    Rupert Sanderson's embellished platform sandal (only the most gorgeous shoe in the world).


    This WAS it's link on Neiman's

    OH GOSH, I REALLY hope someone can help!! :heart:
    I took this picture at the outlet today, unfortunately the size will NOT fit my foot :sad:

  2. I just wrote him, thank you Selena. Although, I don't get why when I searched for them on eBay that auction didn't show & when I went to that seller's "items for sale" page that auction wasn't there. What the heck? well, I wrote to him.

    Thank you SO very much!
  3. ohhh nice shoes!!!!!!!!!
  4. I am sure many people would find them hideous but OH MY GOSH, they sparkle like nothing I've ever seen & I think they are speaking to that little "barbie girl" wanna-be princess inside of me. :lol:

    I serisouly, for one second, considered buying the pair that didn't fit so I could put them in a display case with a spotlight on them so I could just watch them sparkle forever. :drool:

    This is embarrassing. :rolleyes: :p
  5. I can def see the "barbie-ness" of this shoe. Very cute.

    I hope you find them!!! I'm on a shoe ban til my bootie's in Paris next month, so I'll send my excess shoe karma for April your way! :yes:
  6. Those are really cute.
  7. those are adorable!!!!!!!!!
  8. nice shoes!
  9. OMG! Those are gorgeous! I feel the same way as you, I find a bag/shoe I like and find out there either sold out, discontinued, limited edition its crazy!!
  10. i like those shoes!
  11. Did you manage to get them in your size?
  12. no! :crybaby: The seller on eBay we found had 4 pairs, none of which were my size. I did write him and tell him which size I was looking for so he said he'd let me know if he ever comes across any. :crybaby:
  13. Nice shoes and great price. Have you tried calling other "Last Call" stores? Good luck.
  14. I completely understand your excitement...nothing like sparkly shoes. They're gorgeous and I hope you find them.