Please Help, I can't decide!!

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  1. Okay I bought the beige speedy inclusion keychain and I can't decide if I want to keep it or not. I won't use it has a bag charm because that's too much for me, however I would use it as a keychain. Do you think I should keep it and use as a key chain or return it and get a different keychain, like the fortune one (can you still get this one?)?

    PS. My only concern with using it as a keychain is that it would be ruined, but I only have 3 keys and one of them is for a vw so the key part flips open and closed.
  2. If it's going to be too bulky, than I say nay and get just something else else w/ it. I would love to have one too but I have too many keys and don't want extra bulkiness in my bag.
  3. beige speedy ??? i need to see pix ;D
  4. Yep, I'm pretty sure the fortune keychain is still available. Would you rather have a bag charm or a keychain, I guess is the question ?

    I would probably return it and get the fortune one if you want something to put on your keys. But then again, the inclusion speedy keychain is limited edition, so it'll never come out in this colour at least ever again.
  5. buy the fortune keychain it is really nice