Please help! I cannot decide between Sully PM and Palermo PM


Sully PM VS. Palermo PM

  1. Sully PM

  2. Palermo PM

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  1. Sully
  2. Palermo!
  3. I like the Boetie MM or GM. I know this wasn't a choice it it's sort of a mix between the Palermo and the Sully. It's cute too, my neighbor has one!
  4. Palermo. I didn't care for the Sully.
  5. I would go with Palermo, I think it's more versatile.
  6. Those are two very different bags style-wise and capacity-wise. I would go for the palermo, it's more versatile plus i really like pleats on LV so... :smile: good luck with the choice and enjoy your furture purchase

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