PLEASE HELP - I bought a fake from the LV Store!!

  1. About 2 weeks ago, I decided that I really wanted the Speedy 30, so on a shopping trip with my boyfriend, we went to the LV store. When the girl went to the back to get the bag, she brought one up, checked it, and then said, "Oh this one has a stain, let me go get another one". So she did, she showed me the bag, but I didn't take a really close look because it's the Louis Vuitton store. I brought the bag home, and didn't look at it for a couple days since my friend was leaving and wanted to spend time with her. When I *did* finally open the bag, I knew there was something wrong with it. I have a lot of nice bags, and after you spend time with them, your eye gets trained. But this is only my second LV purchase. So, this one REEKED of vinyl, but otherwise is a very good fake - all the fonts on the stamps check out. (It's a mono speedy BTW). SO as you can imagine, I am really really pissed. I have NO IDEA how this happened as far as the bag being in LV, but it's definitely a FAKE!!! My BF said he'll go with me to the store, but I have no idea what they'll say and it's almost embarassing! OMG I don't even know what to think right now!
  2. Bring it back to the store! They should be ashamed of themselves for selling you a fake (and not being able to tell it apart, assuming it was done in good faith).
  3. :sad:Gosh, Can you post a pic of your bag? Date code and the heat stamp?
  4. Im having a really hard time believing that the actual Louis Vuitton store would sell a fake. There is no way that someone would be able to return a fake and not get caught.:hrmm:
  5. How did you pay? Worst case scenario, you can talk to your SA, return the bag and contest the charges. Not ideal but...
  7. This is unbelievable! How the :censor: could this happen? I think I would burst a blood vessel from anger - I would go back and get the manager immediately - I would also write a letter to some of the top dogs in the company- There is nothing they can do to make this right - I wouldn't buy anything from them - just get your money back!! Be assertive and I wish you the best!!!
  8. He paid by credit card. I'm pretty sure someone returned a fake and they resold it, unless somehow one of the SAs is somehow bringing in fakes ... I don't care, I am pissed.
  9. this is unbelievable! The monogram material is similar to vinyl though! good luck!
  10. You're classifying it as a fake from it's smell? Since it is only your second LV piece, maybe you're not used to the new leather/canvas smell? I'm with everyone else, I doubt Louis Vuitton would sell a fake. Plus you said all the fonts were good, so I dont think its fake. Please post pics of the bag, it would really help us.
  11. I am with you on this one!:yes:
  12. Can you please post pics of your Speedy? I'm having a hard time believing this myself.
  13. we all know louis vuitton would never sell a fake. this person is ridiculous. maybe the world is out to get her. especially Saks (like in that post^) and LV! poor poor girl. lol
  14. I am having hard time to believe this..
    It sucks..please post the pics..