Please help, I am obsessed!!

  1. Okay, I am in LOVE with these bags; I am partial to the second satchel but the other is a bit cheaper and larger (however I am wondering if the shoulder strap is too long). I would be giving up my B-Bag hobo for one of these. Which one do you like better and why? TIA so much for opinions!! I can not stop thinking of these bags! :love:
    NMV8931_mh.jpg NMV8480_mh.jpg
  2. I like the first (brown) one better, I am bias to bigger bags in general and I actually like the style better too. Let us know what you choose. Either way, they are both cute! :graucho:
  3. lol, that's so funny Becca-girl, 'cause i'm obsessed with them too :lol:

    p.s. i won't tell the b-bag gals we're cheating if you don't!!!
  4. ^LMAO! I shall turn you all into PRADA FANS!!..MU..HA.HA....HA...HA!!!!!

    Ok-seriously..I personally like the first one..Ive seen it and just like it better...SO CUTE!
  5. Miu Miu and Prada are just exceptional this season, I think. I have the second bag in black and absolutely LOVE it! :P I really like the first one as well and am thinking about getting it as well in brown. :shame: As for which one you should get, when you think of them, which do you think of first? I find there is always a bag that I like just a little bit more than the other. Then, I try really hard not to buy both! You'll do great with either choice, so good luck!
  6. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Its a deal! ;)

    I honestly want them both! I like the look of the second one better, but I love larger bags.

    Jill; for the first bag, was the strap way too long or was it normal. I did not want to wear this bag "over the body" as it says in the description. I just want a normal shoulder/hand bag.
  8. I am loving Prada's brown leather this season. I just ordered one at NM and I don't even know it's name, but it's a HUGE one with a frame top.
  9. hip, hip, hooray for you & your new brown bag lulilu :wlae:...i just bought myself the new black calf soft frame bag @ "miu miu" in soho yesterday & i love it's a bigger size than what they've shown on the NM website & it's the only leather bag i've ever found that's as light as my b-bags!!!
  10. :love: :love: :love: Beautiful bag! And it is light? Oh my, I think I am going to have to make a big purchase today. :nuts: I was going to wait and sell some bags first but I have a feeling if I want one of these bags, I need to move fast.
  11. aaallabama, please post pics for us! that looks gorgeous
  12. I love them both. I toyed with getting the second one but decided to get a prada bag this fall. Personally, I like the second one more. However I prefer brown over black so I don't know.. Whichever one you pick will be lovely! They are both beautiful bags. :love:
  13. aaallabama, that bag is so pretty! I would also love to see pictures. :heart:
  14. awe, thanks so much girls, i'll try to post pictures of her tonight :love:...she's super light & soft as buttah & oh so stylish too :tender:...i'm wearing her today & have to say, she's giving my b-bags a run for the money!!!

    p.s. the "miu miu" store in soho has only 4 more left!!!
  15. Okay, I just panicked and bought both! :nuts:

    Now at least I will be able to see them both in person and I FORCE myself to return one.

    FYI, "Welcome" still works as free shipping for NM. :yahoo:
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