Please help, I am new here!!

  1. Please don't laugh at me!! BUT I am new here, usually over in Chanel. However, I have been finding myself more and more attracted to the Kelly bag-the pouchette (is that considered the 20). I was curious if there are waitlists for the smaller sizes or is it possible with alittle searching to find one on the shelf. I am a fan of traditional black, but after being in black chanel's for sometime, any color would be a refresh. If so, does anyone have an SA they could reccomend who would be able to help me? I live in NYC but have no qualms with doing out of state business. Thank you again!!
  2. I've seen Kelly Pouchettes much more frequently on shelves. I think a good SA would try to locate one for you. They are lovely things, good choice!!
  3. You shouldn't have a problem getting a Kelly pochette in either NYC store.
  4. A KP is easier to get on the shelf-- croc and lizard are more hard to come by. Great first choice by the way you have lovely taste!
  5. I saw one on the mannequin in the window at the San Francisco Hermes store yesterday. It was red.
  6. They are quite frequent around my stores. Good luck!! And please show us what you find.
  7. Once again, Jag comes through!! Her wonderful SA is going to help me my find my "purple/pink" grail. Being over in Chanel everything seems to be black.
  8. Just glad I could help! Really excited for you!
  9. Purple/pink will be so pretty!
  10. Go check out both NYC locations.. you should see some on the shelves!
  11. Fantastic choice and do share if you buy it!
  12. Since I've never been to a store IRL I don't want to say what's more readily available, but many ladies here who do visit have provided valuable input. Good luck!!