Please Help Husband Find Purse


Jan 28, 2006
I'm looking for a purse for my wife's 30th bday and heard about this forum, so I thought I would ask the experts here for some tips...

Can anyone recommend a large leather hobo or tote that is a can't miss? Maybe one that is popular w/ celebrities, but not one that EVERYONE owns?

There are so many names out there and stores...thanks for your help!
Looking to spend up to $1,500, but don't want to spend a ton just so she gets attention carrying the purse.

Outside of her everyday leather coach and random bags she picks up at small shops, the nicer purses she has are a black canvas/leather gucci (I think hobo shape...silver gucci buckle on front) and a smooth brown leather furla w/ handles. She doesn't spend a ton on purses and the two nicer ones she has while in Paris, so that is why I want to do something special.
Some bags I really like, which look like what you ask for are the following:

Marc Jacobs Banana Quilted Leather Hobo: $975


Valentino Vintage Buffalo Hobo: $1350

Marc Jacobs Sienna Hobo: $975

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Hobo: $1080

Dolce & Gabbana Slouchy Leather Bag: $1350

Chloe Kerala Leatehr Tote: $1140

Marc Jacobs Diane Leather Tote: $1150

Dolce & Gabbana Leather Shopper: $1295

Tod's Carey Sacca Media: $995

Tod's Paro Shopping Grande: $1100

Go to Neiman Margus and Bergdorf Goodman sites and look for handbags in the Totes and Hobos part.... you'll find these and other great bags too!