Please Help Husband Find Purse

  1. I'm looking for a purse for my wife's 30th bday and heard about this forum, so I thought I would ask the experts here for some tips...

    Can anyone recommend a large leather hobo or tote that is a can't miss? Maybe one that is popular w/ celebrities, but not one that EVERYONE owns?

    There are so many names out there and stores...thanks for your help!
  2. What are the other handbags she owns, just so we can get an idea of her taste...and more importantly, how much are you willing to spend?
  3. Looking to spend up to $1,500, but don't want to spend a ton just so she gets attention carrying the purse.

    Outside of her everyday leather coach and random bags she picks up at small shops, the nicer purses she has are a black canvas/leather gucci (I think hobo shape...silver gucci buckle on front) and a smooth brown leather furla w/ handles. She doesn't spend a ton on purses and the two nicer ones she has while in Paris, so that is why I want to do something special.
  4. Addicted -- I realized that I posted in the celebrity forum, so I copied my thread into the handbag forum...

    Thanks for your help.
  5. Some bags I really like, which look like what you ask for are the following:

    Marc Jacobs Banana Quilted Leather Hobo: $975


    Valentino Vintage Buffalo Hobo: $1350

    Marc Jacobs Sienna Hobo: $975

    Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Hobo: $1080


    Dolce & Gabbana Slouchy Leather Bag: $1350


    Chloe Kerala Leatehr Tote: $1140

    Marc Jacobs Diane Leather Tote: $1150

    Dolce & Gabbana Leather Shopper: $1295

    Tod's Carey Sacca Media: $995

    Tod's Paro Shopping Grande: $1100


    Go to Neiman Margus and Bergdorf Goodman sites and look for handbags in the Totes and Hobos part.... you'll find these and other great bags too!
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