Please help hunting MIUMIU vitello vintage style ring handle*

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  1. Hi alll....


    im looking for the the smaller size one in stone colour not rounded large one...
    (the style on the left/colour on the right)

    it seems abit late and ithas been out for quite a time, yet i really in love with this bag in sandstone colour....pleaseeee help, pleaseeeee :smile: im looking for this bag and i went to London Selfridges last 2 weeks, its there. after a week while i plan to grab it it seems gone......anyone see anywhere still have this bag? please please craving for it....i regret i should have bought it 2 weeks ago....sobbed*:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

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  2. thanksss Vanilliane!
    i knew Saks got this size but they only available in black and white!
    i do plan to check it out int he flagship store tmr, fingercross!!! yet i know the chance is slim....:sad:!!
  3. I just got the smaller MiuMiu vitello with ring handles in a dark purple at the NM event. You might try calling Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman to see if they have any in the sand color. Also, NAP may have some!
  4. hey!! thanks for the info.....i feel very very very lucky today, coz actualli i found everywhere selfridges london, harrods, NAP, Neiman, Saks, even the harvey nichols in where no where! either they sold out or they do not stock the style or the at last i bet myself in the flagship store!! and i got the last one!!!!! i went in to the store and actualli they are just showing the latest collection i thought im too late to ask for it but i still go ahead, and lucky lucky they said they juz got them stored and let the place for the new collection, so finally...i got it......and i got it without thinking a sec! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. haha, even harney nicks in leeds?? wow, that's true love you have for that bag!!! :smile:
    new stuff??? they have more new stuff??? :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: oh. my. days. can't wait till I go to london now!!!!!! >____< jnsvksnfvogn34j209rj!!!!!!!
    ok, must.calm.down.
  6. yea yeaaaaa! the latest harlequin, dragonfly....the cute ladybug pin and hair band....very summer and colourful!!! i really wanna grab that cute ladybug today they are so adorable....maybe some other already very content that i found the small vitello vintage eventually.....anyways, gonna enjoy my bag and you tooooo!!!!! have a good day :smile: