Please Help! Huge Dilemma!

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  1. Hi guys, I have been thinking about Capucines BB for a while, main reason I still haven't been able to purchase one is because I just couldn't make up my mind. Everything looks so pretty.

    I also noticed the python handled one is $400 addition to the original. Do you think its worth it?

    Which colour do you think is the best, I have narrowed down to galet, black with gold hardware, red, cobalt with pink trim. I know, I know, the classic colours. It's too hard to pick one and I am not in the position of purchasing all 3.

    Any suggestions will help! Thanks so much!

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  2. I vote for the one with the fuchsia trim- it gives the bag a youthful vibe. I do not care for snakeskin so I am no help with regard to that due to personal bias. All are beautiful- just depends on which fits your lifestyle. Good luck- there are no bad choices here!
  3. I don't like the python, but that's just me. I love the Galet.
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    I can't stand python or other exotic leathers based on ethics but that aside either the black and gold or dark blue and silver with fuchsia stand out the most. Black is classic, always in fashion, pairs easily with any outfit, and is resistant to staining and soiling.
  5. I would not choose the python because I don't like exotics -- love the red and the cobalt/fuchsia!
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    This is too difficult! I nearly purchased this bag in Galet with Python handles last Fall. It's even more beautiful in real life. The color is soft and the hardware and Python handles are a beautiful combination. It's a versatile, neutral shade. I ended up choosing a SC PM in Galet, but I've never forgotten this beauty! My next favorite is the Cobalt with Fuchsia trim because it's a unique, beautiful, and very wearable combination. It's very elegant. Third for me would be the solid red ( red handles). This bag is gorgeous and whichever you choose, it's a special bag! Black is lovely, but it's easier to find a black or red bag that also quite beautiful. I'd go for something more unique in this style. Good luck with your decision.
  7. Python is not for me, but the exotic skin elevates this bag to the next level.
    I like the black with python and galet with python, to me they seem most special and elegant. They're all gorgeous, gld!
  8. I would not get the Python handle. It's very pretty but the handle is the most manipulated part of the bag and python skin is very VERY delicate. Once the scales are lifted, you won't be happy with the look and the feel of it. I vote for the plain red. So gorgeous and timeless.
  9. Either the black with gold or cobalt with pink trim as it will go with most anything. I don't like anything with python or other exotics.
  10. +1 very true about scales lifting with time; this is a problem with Hermes CDCs and bags in lizzie too.
  11. I am normally not into exotics, but I do have Etoile Exotique that I love and that has python handles. Based on that experience, I can tell you python handles are very delicate and you have to be careful. I love the look of both Capucines and Lockits with python handles, but I got the plain ones.
    As for the colour of your BB, my vote goes to Rubis because I think it suits BB very well and makes it pop. My second choice would be Galet because it is such a gorgeous colour and I love the gold HW. Good luck with your decision!
  12. I love the galet with python handles!! This would be my first choice. The gold and python compliments the galet color so well. Black with gold hw would be my option if I were to choose one without python. It's so classy. The gold gives it a little chic something :smile:

    They're all gorgeous! Good luck deciding!
  13. I have visited the black one with python handles since December and I have to say that even at the store, the handle is started to get roughed up.
  14. I prefer Galet if you can only have one, I feel neutral colours like that can go with dark AND light (or colorful) outfits, whereas black would look weird on a colorful outfit. I've found from experience neutrals like beige and taupe are very versatile!
  15. +1 or second choice black without Python. Good luck deciding.
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