PLEASE HELP, how to make them more "floopy"?!?

  1. My first birkin was a black 40 togo with palladium hardware, but you know when you start it´s almost impossible to stop. So now I have different colors, but I always tend to use the black one, because I just love the patine, the leather is softer, and floopy(I don´t know if this is the right term), I would love my red for example to look like the black one. Will I have to use it as much as I used the black or there´s any way to make the leather like I have explained. I feel that it´s less pretentious and much more cool when they are with patina. And the other day I discover why I was not using tha much the others, first I tought the color ones were more feminine, then I tought I was keeping them for a special ocasion, but I find out, I like the way the old one looks, and I want them all to be like that... HELP ME!
    I know this might be silly, a lot of you protect, and keep them on the boxes, and blablabla, but I rather have things with an usage look, like my LV luggage, hated when was new...
  2. can't help you but omgd, BEST thread title EVER
  3. Vreelandia,
    Are all your Birkins Togo 40 cm?
    40 cm gets floppier than 35 cm and Togo gets floppier than some other leathers.
  4. Yes, all togo and 40
  5. Lying, all besides the orange, it´s clemence... And it´s exacly the one I would loev to be all messed up hahaah, for example I see pictures of Lindsay Lohan with her orange and it´s sooooooooooooo like I would like mine to be... But at least mine was never stolen... anyway was difficult because I only use it twice :s

  6. I would say start using them and they will flop.
    Put plenty in them, sweater, book, you know all that stuff you want to carry in a 40. I even put shoes in my 40 when I get a pedicure.
  7. I'm with you, vreelandia. I like my bags to look lived-in (to an extent). And I think golconda is right -- just use them more and gravity will start to help once you put some stuff in :flowers:
  8. See...
    I want them to look like Lindsay´s, but they look like Victoria´s....:crybaby:
    HERMES1515.jpg FamilyBecksBIG_468x672.jpg
  9. Oh yes books, now I know, when I was studying in NY, and only had the black I carryied so many books, I think i still have one shoulder lower than other because of that... Also the rain, maybe... and wheater conditions, because it´s kind of ridiculous, I mean for me, going out with the rain cover... They have quality, they are leather from animals, and animals as far as I know are waterproof :p

  10. also what helped with my birkins was to stuff them with a LOT of blankets/pillows..clothes...until it is FULLY filled. then close it fully and hang the handles on a door or something. that way the leather can relax a lil bit..

    believe me it helped with my blue jean 40 cm one!
  11. I want more , more tips... SHARE your secrets... LINDSAY are you here?!?! how does your birkin get sooooooooooo gorgeous floopy?!?!?
  12. Talk to them about their Mother-in-law? That generally does the trick.
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. Let me have them for a week. :p All of mine are floppy. I just put my shopping items in it and lug it around all day. Bingo--bat wings and all.
  15. :confused1: I don't get it.