please help! How to clean denim Dior Saddle bag?

  1. I have had my denim Dior saddle bag for about 9 years and the denim is looking very dirty on the can I clean that?? Any help would be great! TY:smile:
  2. well i dont know about saddles.. and i will prob get shot for saying this BUT.. I never wash my demin, bags or pants. I put them in the freezer for a week and they come out like new. Its worth a shot!

    So when you leave things in the freezer the moisture (including oils) gets ripped out of the medium.. chicken, vegetables, even demin. We call it freezer burn but it is a really great way to get demin clean.
  3. Wow, I've never heard of that. Does the oil freeze and then you brush it off? I can't imagine seeing congealed frozen oil on my purse. :wtf: You are such an innovative experimenter:tup:

    Some of my denim bags are trimmed in leather, would the leather be ruined?
  4. I don't know if this will work for denim but I've cleaned my gucci monogrammed jacquard with resolve carpet cleaner it looks brand new!
  5. I dont know what would happen to leather? maybe buy something really small and leather and freeze it to see what would happen?

    And I just take my jeans out of the freezer and put them on lol.. no dusting off of anything they are just perfect after a week lol. Sometimes I forget and they come out sooooooo soft. :tup:

  6. wow, cool. Great tip. I am gonna have to give this method a try. Thanks for sharing.