PLEASE HELP. How much are Kelly clutches?

  1. Thank you :smile:
  2. The JPG Kelly clutch starts around $3,100. :flowers:
  3. Junior Mints, Hermes makes so many different clutches. Which one are you interested in?
  4. I believe a mini kelly, (like pictured above), in lizard is 5000.00
  5. Junior, I remember someone mentioning that the Kelly Longue is about $4,725.
  6. Kelly Clutch Doblis skin in Cyclamen - $4k
  7. Junior mints...welcome to the Hermes sub-forum!

    OT you are awesome!!! You know it!
  8. oh, i love the mini kelly! that's the sweetest little bag!
  9. Welcome Junior Mints. Doblis is a very fine suede and more expensive than chamonix or box leather would be. :smile:
  10. I think NM in Michigan had one a little while ago for $3,300.00 Black Box....or was it NY? Yikes! I can't remember now and I was seriously considering buying that one too.... two brain cells are not functioning very well today....
  11. My kelly clutch not the long one in blk evergrain was 2350 euros .....
  12. God you guys should be so grateful you are not Hermes fans in AUSTRALIA!!
    I was in our one-and-only shop the other day and they had a matt black crocodile mini Kelly and it was AUD11,000.
    *Sigh* So beautiful though!
  13. You are right! NM in Troy, MI had one and a few others recently.
    My SA is Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442. Or feel free to call hte main number at (248) 643-3300! Good luck and keep us posted!