Please help! How do you get rid of moths

  1. when they are in your handbag?? I think I found a moth larvae in the corner of one of my bags - I haven't used it in a while and it was stored in my closet :crybaby: I read somewhere that the only way to get rid of them (and their eggs) is to get the item dry-cleaned. Can I just take my beloved LV to the dry cleaners??
  2. i keep cedar blocks in my closet. moth's hate the smell and won't go anywhere near them. If you already have moths, try using the moth killers. you can buy them at grocery stores and stores like rite-aid and walgreens. what happens is the moths will eat the moth killer and die, and it will also kill their babies and eggs.
  3. Really? Do you have a specific brand you'd recommend? They don't smell do they? Thanks so much!
  4. Yeah, definitely keep cedar or lavendar(I have both) in your closet. They also have those moth balls/pucks you can put in your closet if you have a huge problem, but they smell pretty ick.
  5. Thanks, I'll go first thing tomorrow and brave the 100+ degree weather we've been experiencing here in NYC!