Please help, how do i search for ended auctions?

  1. I tried and i tried... i just can't find it
  2. It's under the advanced search option. I think you have to specify a seller's ID to look for auctions that have ended.
  3. do your search, and then scroll down a bit on the left side. There is a title called "search options" and a button you can click that says "completed listings." Check the "completed listings" square and then click "show items." You have to be logged in to see completed listings.
  4. Click on the blue Advanced Search button on the upper right hand side of the eBay homepage. It'll give you options on how you want to search for the items, such as keywords, bidder, seller, etc. to search key words just type them in the space allotted and select the little box that says Completed Listings only, you'll have to sign in before eBay will allow you to see the results.