Please Help! How Do I Clean My Louis?

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  1. Please help! :idea: Your advice on how to clean the handles on my Tivoli would be greatly appreciated :thinking: My apologies if this turns out to be a duplicate thread, but I did attempt a search and couldn't find anything suitable so here I am :shrugs:

    Well, long story short - I try not to take my bags into the grocery stores, but last week I took my Tivoli in without thinking and while shopping ended up transferring something sticky from my hands on to the handles/straps :sad: It's not sticky anymore but there is a black residue left :tdown: I read somewhere to use baby wipes but then I read somewhere else not to, so now I'm just confused :confused1: and would really love and appreciate your help and trusted advice! :flowers:

    Also, does Louis Vuitton sell any cleaning products?

    Thanks a million in advance! :ty:
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  3. Good thing I didn't experiment with the baby wipes. I have a good feeling about using an eraser though, thanks goodbyedays!!
  4. Please look in the FAQs section for lots of threads. Good luck!
Thread Status:
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